Got some questions for the team?


How long does it take to connect my data and create the dashboards?

You’ll be surprised at just how quick and easy creating dashboards can be with our software. Create your first one in under 2 minutes, we’ve timed it!

How easy/hard is it to set up myDATA3 and see my data?

It’s super simple. myDATA³ is designed for busy business people, not technology experts. Anyone can set up and use myDATA³. All it takes are a few clicks from start-to-finish, and we’ll take care of the rest so that you get access to instant dashboards for your web, email and social tools. Plenty more connections coming soon too!

Who will be able to see our business data?

You – only you will see your business data, and soon you will be able to give access to members of your team via the myDATA³ platform, watch this space!

Your business data will not be shared with anyone else and you are in full control of who sees your data.

We will not share or sell your confidential business data with third parties. We will only use combined, aggregated, anonymised extracts of data, across all businesses, for analytics purposes and to enhance the services we offer to our customers.

Will our business data be safe, secure, confidential?

Data security is at the core of myDATA³. myDATA³ uses best practice data security and encryption processes to protect your data, with built-in alerts to flag any issues immediately. We undertake monthly reviews at the very least, always updating our procedures as new technology comes out or when we receive advice for keeping things safe.

Can we cancel our subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your monthly subscription anytime with a maximum of 30 days’ notice!

What are the terms and conditions?

Terms and conditions are available when you register and you can refer to them any time you like under your ‘Settings’ tab. We will let you know if anything changes too!

Why can’t we register our business?

myDATA³ is designed for UK businesses with a registered business number allocated by Companies House and a UK business address. If you don’t meet these criteria, you won’t be able to complete the full business registration process for now.

Coming soon – myDATA³ will be available for global businesses with a range of currency options available in 2022. Register with myDATA³ now and we’ll notify you when we’re live in your country/region.

Can we join if we’re not a UK business?

myDATA3 is currently only available for UK businesses.

Coming soon – myDATA3 will be available for global businesses with a range of currency options available in 2022. Register today and get notified when it does become live so that way there’s no waiting time involved at all!

Can we show data for multiple businesses or multiple third-party tools?

No – myDATA³ is currently designed for UK businesses with:

  • One website
  • One email tool
  • One LinkedIn account
  • One Facebook account
  • One Twitter account
  • One CRM tool
  • One financial tool

Coming soon – myDATA3 will be available for businesses with multiple business accounts and multiple 3rd party tools, available in 2022. Register with myDATA3 now and we’ll notify you when we’re live!

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