The hardest challenge in Marketing is demonstrating that it’s not about colours and content and design and communications, it’s about delivering tangible business results. Making a difference to the bottom line. Running a campaign that not only generates more leads, but helps to convert leads into sales, and helps to retain customers too. It’s all about attributing marketing activity to revenue and sustainable, profitable, lifetime customer value. Proving that marketing is not a cost to the business, but an investment that will give the business a return on investment, in the form of increased sales and revenue. Attribution of marketing activity, to sales, was always a problem…and it still is today.

  • How can you prove that a social media campaign is valuable? 
  • How can you justify increasing the budget for search ads, and social ads? 
  • How can you demonstrate that re-branding delivered tangible benefits to the business? 
  • How can you explain why you’re using a specific mix of communications within a campaign, and excluding other comms channels? 
  • How can you prove that more marketing resources will add to the bottom line? 
  • And how can you justify your current marketing budget…yet alone increasing it?

Marketing teams are always under pressure to deliver fast results on a budget…and it’s massively time-consuming, and can feel near-impossible sometimes, to demonstrate the sales impact.

And there’s no easy answer, unfortunately. But the answer does begin with data. In Marketing, you need lots of data, and it’s spread all over the place including:

  • Website analytics – to see visitor volumes, behaviour, and demographics
  • Social media analytics – to see reach, engagement, and sentiment
  • Email analytics – to see response rates, interest areas, and bounces
  • Customer analytics – to see conversion rates, contact activity, & relationships
  • Ecommerce analytics – to see behaviour, conversions, and usage
  • Product analytics – to see behaviour, patterns, and trends
  • Survey results – to see responses and feedback
  • And you might also have a range of other data sources, specific to your business too.

All of these data sources are disconnected…so you have islands of marketing data

Somehow you must wrangle that data together into one place. Marketers often have to mess around with spreadsheets doing their best. Every marketer says the same. It’s time-consuming, inefficient, and distracting. So, it often ends up at the bottom of the list. For that day in the future, when you’re not reacting to what the business wants from marketing…that day when Marketing is leading the business and not the other way around!

This is a massive problem, because if marketers don’t know their numbers, how will they ever be taken seriously in the Boardroom? 

  • How can we lead the business, rather than be a tactical delivery engine? 
  • How can we create the briefs, rather than respond to them? 
  • How can we get the business to see marketing as an investment, and not just a cost centre?

There must be a better way. 

A way to automatically bring marketing data together into one place. Within seconds. A way to check on marketing data, just like you’d check on the weather. Now there is. myDATA3. That’s why we designed myDATA3 for marketers. We feel your pain. Data should be simple for non-technical marketers. It is now.

And myDATA3 is getting even better…

As well as extra data connectors, we’ve launched a brand new feature designed for non-data experts. Imagine asking a super simple question of your data, and getting an immediate answer…that’s Ask myDATA3.


Which day in the last year did we have the most website visitors? Ask myDATA3

Which month did we attract the newest followers? Ask myDATA3

Which week did we get the most social media engagement? Ask myDATA3

When did we have the lowest number of new customers? Ask myDATA3


We ran a campaign from May to August, show me how we performed across our website visitors, Twitter followers, LinkedIn followers and Facebook Likes Ask myDATA3

We had an issue in May, show me the impact on customer volumes and leads Ask myDATA3

Marketing data should be simple.

Identifying customer insight should be simple.

It is now.

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